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Bean Pastries

Our Bean Pastry (Pastel de Feijão) is a regional pastry from Torres Vedras, a city just north of Lisbon, Portugal. It is made with noble ingredients, namely egg yolks, almonds, and white beans. This pastry has  considerable longevity (about 20 days), and does not require refrigeration.

With a unique and characteristic flavor, Brasão’s Bean Pastries are an excellent option for your dessert or afternoon tea. 

Coconut Pastries

Indulge in our Coconut Pastries (Mimos de Coco), made exclusively by Brasão. These pastries blend the unmistakable flavors of coconut and almond, resulting in a unique sweet for lovers of this delicious fruit.


Inspired by the Azorean delicacy, Graciosas are a real temptation for sweet lovers. With a delicious filling made with condensed milk, egg yolk, and cinnamon, they have a crispy dough that offers a delicious blend of sweet and salty. This flavor combination results in a unique and unforgettable experience for your palate.

A perfect combination of textures.

Pérolas Negras (Black Pearls)

Pérolas Negras, made with crispy dough and a creamy and tasty black beans and peanut filling, are an exclusive delicacy at Pastéis Brasão. We hope, with this pastry, to conquer palates that appreciate new and exotic flavors.

Gluten Free

All of our gluten free products are registered and certified by the APC (Portuguese Association of Celiac Disease), the requirements for which include rigorous and controlled testing.

Chickpea Pastries

Our delicious Chickpea Pastries (Pastéis de Gráo) bring you an unlikely, yet surprising marriage of flavors. By combining chickpeas, almonds, cinnamon, and powdered sugar, we have created another exclusive and exotic pastry that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable ride, and gluten free! 

Bean Pastries
(Gluten Free)

After receiving a lot of feedback from our customers, we realized that it was time to make our most famous pastries available to those with a gluten free diet. We have adjusted our production process in order to provide our customers with the gluten free pastries they are looking for, certified by the APC (Portuguese Association of Celiac Disease).

Mimos de Coco
(Gluten Free)

An adaptation of the original product by Brasão, we present our gluten-free Mimos de Coco. In addition to re-imagining this product in a gluten-free version, we also made it lactose-free. With all the classic flavor of the original Mimo de Coco, we can now serve our celiac and lactose-intolerant friends.

Now you can delight your palate with this Brasão original.